Online freelancing jobs have seen significant growth over the past few years with the continuing rise of the digital age. More businesses and companies are moving online meaning there are more online job opportunities available for the taking. Online jobs are becoming popular due to the flexibility of work schedules, freedom, and reduced stress levels that come along with it. there are 3 approaches you can follow if you are looking to get started with an online career and your choice will often depend on your circumstances.

Jumping right in

Individuals with high esteem, confidence, and courage usually choose this approach. The mindset you need to have when taking this approach is that on knowing you are good at what you do and that you know you can do it. the action taken with this approach includes looking for job postings online, asking questions about it, and applying for them with high hopes that you will get the job. This approach comes with a lot of risks and disadvantages as at times you might end up not being paid by clients due to naivety. You may also not get the best possible work as you will be depending on your confidence levels and what you assume you know. Online freelancing has a lot more to it if you want to succeed doing it.

‘Asking Google’

This approach is a lot better when starting out; it includes a lot of self-study. You can find so much information online on getting started with an online job and you just need to know how to research the information you want and how to find it. Many people have succeeded at an online career simply because they did sufficient research online. The disadvantage of this approach, however, is the possibility of information overload. In such a case, one would find so much knowledge online and instead of gaining from what has already been acquired, you would not be able to figure out what to do with all the knowledge you have to get started. At such a point, you may need someone to guide you and coach you on the application of everything you have learned. You should never be too proud to ask for help


Essentially, this approach means that you would look for someone who can mentor, coach, and guide you in your journey starting an online career. This is the most recommended approach as you would have the benefit of the experience, support, and wisdom of someone who has already been in your position and done what you are trying to do. It will shorten the learning curve and boost your chances of succeeding. There are plenty of online freelancers out there willing to share their knowledge and time to help budding freelancers get started. Join communities and groups online that will allow you to look for answers to your questions relating to your online career.



The different approaches to take when starting an online career

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